All Saints Camp To Use Donation To Purchase Generator

The All Saints Camp- home to 42 adults and 8 children with AIDS is one step closer to purchasing a much-needed generator following a donation from the Red Ribbon Ball.

Imperial Life Financial, sponsors of the Ball, presented the camp with a cheque for $5,100 on Nov. 24; the Ball also raised $43,000 in ticket sales for the AIDS Foundation, co-sponsors of the event.

According to Glenroy Nottage, director of the All Saints Camp, the facility has desperately needed a generator, a fact that became even more apparent during Hurricane Michelle.

"We had some serious experiences lately with this Hurricane Michelle. And one of the things we have never been able to handle very well is when the power goes off," says Mr. Nottage. "To be Bed-ridden and to be sick and to be in darkness is a serious thing. And with these houses being wooden, we don't advocate the use of candles and kerosene lamps."

With the planned new generator, Mr. Nottage says, "Now the power can go off when it chooses to, but we'll always have power." But the hurricane also took a heavy toll on the property.

"We got torn up real bad," says Mr. Nottage. "We had about six or seven houses that suffered serious roofing damage and structural damage. We had a portion that was actually turned around nearly 360 degrees, and a lot of our trees were destroyed. But the people were fine, the people survived. So we can always replace those things."

Geno Nairn, chairman of the Red Ribbon Ball committee, says this will hopefully be the first of many in-house Red Ribbon Ball raffles raising money for the All Saints Camp.

"We plan to perhaps do it every year to help this programme," says Mr. Nairn. "A number of people don't even know that this programme exists. And we're asking business houses to come forward and assist, either with food items or materials that they would need to support the programme."

The idea to donate money to the All Saints Camp came from Michael Adderley, branch manager of the Nassau Central Branch of Imperial Life Financial. He says with the ongoing fight against AIDS, the work of the camp is often forgotten.

"I believe that the real work is being done here," says Mr. Adderley. "When people are given up at the hospital, they are dumped here to die. And I think it's here where you can actually turn people's lives around. When the world, society, medicine have given up on them, we have somebody in their last hours, giving them hope to live on."

Since 1994, the Red Ribbon Ball has raised close to $300,000 in the fight against AIDS.

Created: 22 August 2017
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