Jet Lost Power After Engine 'Overheated' - Bahamasair

A Nassau to Freeport jet with a total of 125 persons on board returned safely on Thursday following an engine malfunction, Bahamasair said in a press release on Sunday.

The airline said that a power loss was noted as one of the cockpit crew heard a "popping sound" from the engine, followed by a rapid increase in engine temperature.

As a precautionary measure, the five-member crew decided to shut down the engine of the B737-200 series aircraft, abort the flight, and return to Nassau.

No one was injured as the flight landed safely at NIA.

According to Bahamasair management, information will be revealed following the company's preliminary investigations into the matter early this week.

"The engine will be sent to a repair facility for tear down, and it is expected that a full report will be generated as to the condition of the engine and the cause of malfunction," Bahamasair managing director Paul Major said in the press statement.

According to Captain Charles Beneby, Bahamasair chief operations officer, aeroplanes which have more than one engine are able to maintain flight on the remaining engine, or engines, and "this aircraft was no exception."

"Commercial pilots are required by law to undergo rigorous training several times a year to ensure their ability to address such eventualities," Captain Beneby said.

Passengers from the flight were accommodated on later flights to their destination.

In January, an estimated $400,000 was spent on a short-term wet-lease agreement between Bahamasair and two Florida airline companies after the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) grounded several Bahamasair planes due to repairs needed to be done to them. The repairs took two weeks and cost an estimated of $164,000.

That same month, Bahamasair management noted that a Bahamasair B-737 jet aircraft was grounded at Miami International Airport, and the carrier's engineering personnel were engaged in correcting faults cited by the FAA following an inspection.

This grounding followed two incidents Bahamasair experienced with its B-737 in November and December of last year.

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