Prime Minister Hubert Ingraham has denied knowledge of any charges of corruption against Free National Movement Leader-Designate Tommy Turnquest, and Deputy Leader-Designate Dion Foulkes.

When the question was again put to him Thursday during a press conference at Cabinet Office, the Prime Minister said:

"I know of no allegations of corruption against Tommy Turnquest, and I have no evidence of any allegations of corruption against Tommy Turnquest. And I have no evidence of corruption against Dion Foulkes."

He said however, that he had allegations in connection with some contracts being issued by the Ministry of Education headed by Foulkes, but "that did not amount to corruption, even the allegations themselves."

The Prime Minister also said, "It seems to be that we in The Bahamas are able to use this word corruption very loosely.

"When corruption existed on a mass scale, was before I came to office, not on my watch."

The Prime Minister said he would make a statement, in due course, on his findings on the Education contracts.

The allegations first came up following the FNM-leadership race on August 16, 2001, by MP for Marathon Algernon Allen who was subsequently fired from the Ingraham Cabinet.

Turnquest was voted leader-designate, winning 192 votes over Allen's 116 votes.

Allen charged that the country was being led by a "corrupt" Cabinet, that the leader-designate election was improperly influenced by Cabinet ministers determined to achieve a predetermined outcome at any cost.

Allen also charged that breaches of previously agreed rules occurred before and during the election process.

He was then given an ultimatum by Prime Minister Hubert Ingrahm to either resign or be fired.

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