Bahamasair Plane Grounded

The U. S. Federal Aviation Administration has grounded a Bahamasair B-737 jet aircraft for faulty engineering, following an inspection carried out by that regulatory entity.

The jet is at the Miami International Airport while the carrier's engineering personnel are engaged in correcting faults cited by the FAA, a Bahamasair's press release stated.

Capt. Charles Beneby, Bahamasair's Chief Operating Officer, who flew to Miami on Friday afternoon said that the faults cited by the FAA are "fixable," and that the airline is doing all that it can to have the jet passed and back in operation as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, Bahamasair has made adequate alternative arrangements to accommodate travelling customers, "so that there is a minimum in disruption of service," the airline stated.

Capt. Beneby added that in this, as in all other instances, safety is a priority, and that "Bahamasair is cooperating fully with the FAA to ensure that the airline always remains in compliance with FAA regulations."

Late last year, Bahamasair experienced a series of problems with its aircraft.

On Nov. 24, a Bahamasair 737 jet experienced a false fire-warning from No. 1 engine while en route to Miami. It was returned to service the following day.

On Dec. 5, Bahamasair's flight 315, a Dash 8 en route to Freeport, Grand Bahama experienced an engine default warning and had to return to Nassau, where it landed without incident.

Then on Dec. 11, Bahamasair's 6:60 a.m. flight 221 with 120 passengers on board landed safely in Miami after an emergency procedure was initiated when the automatic landing gear failed to operate.

The pilot of the Boeing 737 was forced to manually lower the aircraft landing gear taking all necessary precautions to ensure that the gear was safely locked in place for him to safely land the aircraft.

Bahamasair's engineers discovered a worn out spring as the problem, which restricted contact with the automated system.

On Nov. 14, the FAA returned The Bahamas' Civil Aviation Authority to Category 1 status following a reassessment of the country's civil aviation authority in October. The Bahamas previously did not comply with standards set by the International Civil Aviation 0rganisation.

The assessments are not an indication of whether individual foreign carriers are safe or unsafe; rather, they determine whether or not foreign civil aviation authorities are meeting ICAO safety standards, not FAA regulations.

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