National Library and Information Services - National Library and Information Services Programmes

 National Library and Information Services Programmes
Annual Summer Reading Programmes at some Public Library Branches in New Providence (Elizabeth) and the Family Islands (Summer months namely, June & July )
Estates Library, Carmichael and South Beach Public Libraries
Recruiting and Training Library Cadet (RTLC) Programme for a sustainable Bahamas (monthly)
Information Literacy Club membership Programme (monthly)
Reading Enrichment Programme at Elizabeth Estates Public Library (monthly)
Toddlers’ Programme at G.K. Symonette Library (discontinued)
Literacy Programme for Young Learners at Kemp Road (weekly)
Social Club and Accelerated Reading Programme at Carmichael Road Library (monthly)
Behavior Modification and Programme and Homework at Wulff Road Library
Lecture Series Programme at Haynes Library, Governor’s Harbour, Eleuthera (monthly)
Oral history Sir George Roberts Library, Harbour Island-ongoing
  • Ongoing reading programmes and lecture series- Sir George Roberts Library, Harbour Island, Current , Eleuthera, and Haynes Libraries respectively- January 2010-11
    • National Library Services HQ and Elizabeth Estates Library, shared  1st and 3rd place winners with Custodian Staff and Registry respectively in the MOE 30-Day Challenge under the  ACHIEVING PROFESSIONALISM WITH PRIDE”24TH JANUARY – 25TH FEBRUARY, 2011. Mrs. Deborah Butler, custodian staff, Kemp Road Library was given special recognition and dinner for two because of outstanding service at the library
  • Official opening of Bannerman Town Community Centre in partnership with Mr. Shaun Ingraham, Rotary Club, Lisa Krupp, Island Relief 
    • Visitations and town/Inter-office meetings to public libraries and resource centres  in Eleuthera by Mrs. Dorcas Bowler, Head Librarian and  Mrs. Schandles Barry, Financial Controller, MOE
  • Plans for the official opening of the Gregory Town Public Library with the assistance of Ms. Shanta Maurice, Library Assistant, Gregory Town Public library, Mrs. Dorcas Bowler, Head Librarian National Library and Information Services and  Bahamas Library Service Association in partnership with Mr. Canning, Susy Siel and Friends of the Library
  • Library Cadets and information literacy membership training workshops, volunteer and community service contact hours to date are 110 (January – April, 2011)
    • 300 plus books about The Bahamas by Bahamian and non-Bahamian authors collected by Mrs. Monique Odigie, BLS librarian for NLIS Depository to date
  • Over 150 educational programming recorded to date (April 2011 by Mrs. Alfreda Cooper, Executive Producer for BLS InfoLight 90.1 FM Community Radio Station, College Avenue
  • NLIS-BLS Info-Ref Centre, College Avenue serves teachers and students from surrounding schools and the general public providing free  computer and Internet access to all
  • Senior Executive Secretary, Ms. Madge Smith and Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Deraine Pratt, Mrs. Monique Odigie along with Ms. Joycelyn Brown Licenceir, custodian assist the general public and students from neighbouring schools with assignments and projects for national and international examinations on a regular basis beside executing regular duties-Ongoing
  • Two librarians (Mrs. Marsha Major and Linda Dames from the Wulff Road and Kemp Road branch libraries respectively in New Providence completed an eight (8) week Literacy workshop to assist adults and students with reading challenges, 2011
    • Dialogue with Dr. Martin Baptiste and Ms. Clarendon, Caribbean Development Bank (CDB)began at a meeting MOE HQ, a follow-up visit was planned for a closer examination of National Library and Information Services. (NLIS).This did not occur due to time constraint by transporter. Continued discussions by NLS and CDB will resume via networking or otherwise
    • NLIS hosted delegates from Bermuda, British Virgin Island, Bahamas and Jamaica, during the week of 10-15th April in celebration of UNESCO Bahamas 30th Anniversary under the theme” Celebrating Culture through the Eyes of our Youth” , April 2011
  • BLS InfoLight Radio 90.1 FM recognized 30 plus volunteers and other stakeholders for their assistance as sponsors, partners, hosts, interviewees at the studio during National Volunteer week (10th to 15th April 2011 to coincide with UNESCO Bahamas celebrations- Dr. Kwame Boafo delivered brief remarks. Presentations of certificates and trophies were made to participants invaluable contributions, April 2011
  • Attendance of Head Librarian to present sessions for Orientation of new English speaking members at ACURIL 41st  Conference held in Tampa, Florida 31st May to 4th  June 2011, Head Librarian, Bahamas re-elected to ACURIL, Executive Council
  • Three (3) library branches in New Providence –Carmichael, Elizabeth and South Beach  hosted Annual Summer Programmes in July-August 2011
    • Opening of renovated old Prep school, Tarpum Bay, Eleuthera into special Information and Multi-Purpose Centre and ampi-theatre, headed by Community leader, Mr. Shaun Ingraham, in partnership with Rotary Clubs, national and international sponsorships and universities scheduled for August 2011
  • Improvement to Computer lab for use by students and the general public at NLIS-Info-Ref Centre by August 2011
    • Attendance of NLIS Head Librarian and two other librarians from NLIS/BLS Elizabeth and Kemp Road Library branches in The Bahamas as delegates to the International Federation of Libraries Association (IFLA) held in Puerto Rico, August 2011
  • Participation of Head Librarian Information Literacy Satellite workshop sponsored by the International Federation of Libraries Association (IFLA) to be held in Puerto Rico August 2011
  • Permanent Secretary and Head Librarian met with Ambassador Hu Shan of the Peoples Republic of China and received donation of books at the Chinese Embassy, Eastern Road, Nassau
  • Attendance of Head Librarian to ACURIL’s Mid-Year meeting in St. Maarten (Dutch), November 8th-11th 2011. Head Librarian appointed Vice President of ACURIL 2012-13 and President Elect 2013-14
    • Proposal for a van to provide effective service for an automated library system and delivery of books and library resources to Family Island branch libraries and other small libraries by December 2011
  • EBSCO Workshop held NLIS HQ for Library Supervisors, Assistant Supervisors and National Job placement workers posted at NLIS and NLIS branches, December 2011
  • Litter Free Library Zone-February 2012
  • Book mobile service introduced for New Providence- March 2012
  • Standardized pricelist for all library branches-1st March 2012
  • Public Service Announcements-March 2012
  • Better signage for Library Services- April 2012
    • Skills Tutor Workshop-Library/Literacy Project  to commence at the Wulff Road Library in conjunction with Parents/Students Stephen Dillet Primary School in March 2012
  • Library/Literacy Project  to commence at the Wulff Road Library in conjunction with Parents/Students Stephen Dillet Primary School Launch tentatively in August/September 2012
  • E-Technologies
    • NLIS Official ceremony recognizing donation of van presented by the Chinese The Peoples Republic of China to The Commonwealth of The Bahamas and in particular Library Services accepted by Honourable Jerome Fitzgerald, Minister of Education, Science and Technology November 2012
  • Bahamas Director of Libraries’ attendance and installation as Vice President of the Association during ACURIL’s Mid-Year Meeting held in San Juan, Puerto Rico, December 5th -8th December 2012
  • Official Farewell ceremony for Mrs. Elma Garraway, retired Permanent Secretary, MOE, 25th January 2013
  • Gale Database Workshop, hosted by NLIS, 25th January 2013
  • SkillsTutor Workshop Houghton Mifflin/Harcourt Workshop hosted by NLIS,Wulff Road Library, March 2013
  • Library Exhibitions to be mounted in libraries on the 40th Anniversary of Independence in June and July 2013
  • Celebrity Reading at various public libraries in celebration of the 40th Anniversary of Independence in June and July 2013
  • Infolight 90.1FM Community Radio Station launch during The Bahamas 40th Anniversary Independence Celebration July 2013
  • Hosted Special Library Training and Seminar in recognition of outstanding and Long serving Library staff, Friends of The Library Group July 2013
  • ACURIL Annual Conference tentatively scheduled to be hosted by The Bahamas in June 2014
    • Book Fair and Reading Extravaganza and Battle of the Books in all public libraries in partnership with schools in the community October 2014