Landrail Point Community Library

Landrail Point Community Library 


In 2001 concerned members of the community of Landrail Point wrote to the Director of Education
requesting use of the vacant primary school building for a library.  In 2003 two computers were donated
by the OAS internet project for the library.  
Mrs Marina Gibson initiated and oversaw the setting up of the library.  Books were donated by winter
residents.  The library was refurbished during late 2004 / early 2005.  Donations were made by
Ms Marina Gibson, Mr Jim Lightbourn and Mr Andrew McTaggart.  Ms Tanya Moss, who had been
hired to supervise the library, also held fund raising activities.  The library was first opened three days
a week from 4 to 6pm.  
Ms Moss had to leave for a short time and Ms Sherika Wright was brought on to take her place.  
Both ladies alternated working at the library until Ms Wright became the permanent library supervisor 
in 2006.

Location and Directions

On the main highway leading to Landrail Point

Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri  9am - 5pm

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Ms Sherika Wright - Library supervisor

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Tel: 242-344-2562

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