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The earliest record of the library being open is around 1945 when Mrs Rowena Symonette, at the age of  15, worked
in the library.  At that time it shared the building with the Telecommunications office.  Persons would sit in the library,
which was the waiting room, until it was their turn to use the telephone.  In those days, Mrs Symonette says, the library
was only open a few hours a day.  Mrs Jennie Griffin took over from Mrs Symonette in the late 1940s and remained until
2010, when Ms Susan Martin took over as supervisor.  They have been ably assisted by volunteers from the community.  
All of the Children's books have been donated and processed by volunteers from the Freedom to Read organization
under the supervision of Susy Siel.                                            
The library was refurbished and re-opened in January 2009.  
Special thanks was given to Mr. Tom Hennigan for donating the computers and other items to the Library;  
Stubbs Construction company for agreeing to donate a computer and TV/DVD player;  Susy Siel of Island
Relief Charity for agreement to donate books and help in referencing books; Mr. Don & Mrs. Judy Savarge
for donating books and their commitment of donating in the future; Cable Bahamas for providing Internet to
the Library;  Mr. Edward Culmer of Batelco for support and the help of Batelco; North Eleuthera District
Council for support, commitment and agreement to finance the refurbishment of the Library; Mr. Alvin Smith, 
M.P. & Speaker of the House for his support and for securing a donation for the repairs to the Library.
Certificates of appreciation were awarded to the following persons for their dedication and commitment to the
Library: Luba Bland; Krista Furry; Ginny Gibson; Marjorie Biber; Vicki Toothaker; Karen Dalton and Kathy
Woodard.  A plaque and certificate was also presented to Mrs. Jennie Key for 61 years of dedication and
commitment to the Library.
Volunteers at the library are: Janice Symonette; Dawn Pinder; Stacy Wells; Rosie Neilly;
Shirley Weech; Sharon Carusi; Audrey Symonette; Aldred Albury; Theo Neilly; Luba Bland; Krista Furry;  
Ginny Gibson; Marjorie Biber; Vicki Toothaker; Karen Dalton and Kathy Woodard. (Information from The
Abaconian online newspaper)

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Hours of Operation

Monday Wednesday 8 - 4, 
Tuesday 8 - 2, 
Thursday & Friday 8 - 5 
Saturday 9 - 12 once a month

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Adults: $10.00 per year

Children up to age 14: $5.00 per year




  • Computer access
  • Free Wi-fi 
  • Book Exchange (especially for visitors)
  • Book Loans
  • Computer Printouts
  • Research and homework assistance




Susan Martin - Supervisor


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Tel: 242-553-5555


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