Long Island Public Library and Museum, Buckleys

Long Island Public Library and Museum Summary Information


Ground was broken for the construction of Library/Museum & Community Centre on May 22 1988.  It was the brainchild of
Mr. Leon Knowles then President of the Long Islanders Association.  The building was constructed by Mr. Lauren Knowles & Sons.  
Funding was donated by Long Islanders as well as labour.  The building was constructed in the plantation style with verandahs.  
It was completed in 1991 and dedicated on May 26 1996 by the then Governor General Sir Orville Turnquest.  The keys to the
building were presented to Mr Zhivargo Laing then Acting Minister of Education & Youth in 2000.  However the library did not
open its doors to the public until February 2002.
The two-storey structure contains the Museum and Community centre on the first floor with the library on the second floor.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Long Island Community Library is to provide a variety of library materials and services with access to a wide
range of information, educational and cultural data.  Providing equal and open access to all the library’s resources and services
without discrimination; for the life-long learning and enhancement of the general public, and the Long Island Community as
a whole.
Vision Statement
The Vision of the Long Island Community is to become a modern 21st Century library, adapting to the changing needs of literacy
and technology to meet community and public interest.


Location and Directions

The library is located above the Long Island Museum, Buckleys, Long Island, on the main Queens Highway .


Hours of Operation

Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm; Sat 9am – 1pm

Library Statistics: June 30th 2011 – July 1st 2012

Book Loans
Junior patrons – 90  (Primary to high school)
Adult – 36
Computer usage – 154 persons
Internet usage – 131
Usage of V-Tech computers (junior patrons) – 57
Study/Reading/Research – 298
A/V material – 1

Picture Gallery


 (Picture courtesy of AMMC)              


                             July 2012
Junior Subscriptions:   145
Adult Subscriptions:       90
Subscribing Visitors:     10


  • Book Loans – Students: 2 items at a time, $2.50 membership fee
                        Adults/Visitors: 2 items at a time, $5.00 membership fee
  • Computers and Internet (Students: $1.00/hr; Adults $5.00/hr)
  • Books on Cassette
  • VHS/DVDs
  • V-Tech computers for children (free of charge)
  • Photo copying - B&W: 8X11 – 25cents, 8X14 – 30 cents
                           Color: 8X11 – 50 cents, 8X14 – 50 cents
  • Computer printouts: 50 cents
  • Fax: Locally – 50 cents; Long distance – $1.50


Jacqueline Wells – Library supervisor

Philippa Turnquest – Library Clerk

Shanderia Marshall – Library Clerk

Other Departments

Library Contacts

Phone: 1-242-337-0500

News and Events

July 27th - 31st, 2015.
Summer program held.  Students engaged in art & craft, Poetry writing, reading, computer skills, mathematics,
sign language and library skills.  Mr Leslie Russell and parents assisted the library staff.
LI_summer_2015_sm  LI_summer_2015_6_sm
LI_summer_3_sm  LI_summer_2015_4_sm
August 3rd – 12th 2011 
First summer program held at the library.  It was open to students ages 4 to 16 years.  Hours of operation were 10 am – 1 pm.  
Activities included sign Language, basic computer skills, poetry & drama and basic school curricula and story reading.  
Program facilitated by Mr. Leslie Russell assisted by summer students Tanya Burrows and Crashauna Clarke.
March 2010 
Story time with Mrs Penny Berkley.
January 2009
First ever story time at the library by Mrs. Penny Berkley from Canada for ages 4-7 years.  Attendance ranged from 4 to 7.  
Mrs. Berkley left the island in April and two parents took over the programme until June.