COB Jump Start

The high school students involved in the College of The Bahamas' jump start programme was addressed by Deputy to the Governor General Dame Ivy Dumont, Wednesday at Government House.

The programme made its debut last week with 27 students joining the syllabus.

"By your participation in this programme, you are the youngsters that will lead this Bahamas in time to come," Dame Ivy told the high school seniors who are already looking forward to attending college.

Students who are in the 11th and 12th grade can register if they possess outstanding academic career. They must also have a Mathematics or English Bahamas General Certificate of Secondary Education, or a Scholastic Aptitude Test score of 1000 or above.

"We just want to keep Honour Roll students busy, because once they have finished their BGCSE's early they have nothing to look forward to. So by doing these classes in the afternoon it keeps them motivated, it keeps them current," said Jump Start coordinator Tiorah Ferguson.

Once a part of the procedure, the students will be introduced to the same courses that new college scholars begin at the College of The Bahamas.

Jump Start participants begin with five courses -- three levels of Math, college prep English, Student Development and Library Orientation.

So far, two persons from South Andros, one from San Salvador and one from Grand Bahama have joined the programme.

Reminiscing on her teen years, when there was only one high school constructed in the country, Dame Ivy warned the youngsters to take heed of the opportunity presented to them.

"Those who have been accepted to COB have the benefit of sharing what they've learn with your families as well as your nation. You have a duty to give to others what others have given to you," said the former Minister of Education.

Since the College of The Bahamas is a two-year institution, Ferguson said that with the offered 50 credits, students are open to complete their courses at the college and later further their studies at another university.

JUMP START - The College of The Bahamas is giving high school seniors a head start on their college careers when they introduced the programme's summer semester last week. Pictured are the Dame Ivy Dumont at Government House yesterday.

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