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Selected Candidates

Candidates selected for Library Cadet Program - UNESCO/NLIS

New Providence

  1. Andrunique Sturrup
  2. Brittney Abraham
  3. Carlene Joseph
  4. Clarence Higgs Jr.
  5. Clayton Brennen
  6. Dave McKay
  7. Dawn McKenzie
  8. Irlande Toussaint
  9. Jade Lynes
  10. Jeremy Clarke
  11. Kavina Rolle
  12. Keeshan Fowler
  13. Lawrence John
  14. Linda Tilme
  15. Maradona Tinker
  16. Michaella Tynes
  17. Michelle Davis
  18. Michnique Neely
  19. Nikia Adderley
  20. Olexis Fernander
  21. Quindera Nairn
  22. Regina Stubbs
  23. Ronique Brown
  24. Samantha Davis
  25. Shantavia Lewis
  26. Shantel Nougez
  27. Theda Sturrup
  28. Tonika Smith
  29. Tramayne Butler
  30. Unique Smith
  31. Vandesita Barr
  32. Williamson Gustave
  33. Zedra Wilson

Grand Bahama

  1. Ashley Knowles
  2. Donnica Dunkley
  3. Heneishka Arthur
  4. Stacey Cunningham


  1. Stacey Johnson


  1. Ayana Smith
  2. Claudia W. Rolle
  3. Sanovia McPhee
  4. Stacey Johnson

Harbour Island

  1. Andrew Singh
  2. Gaynell Higgs
  3. Sasha Bullard
  4. Terishka Cleare

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