Training Events

Cadet Training Programme

The following is a continuous report of events that took place as a part of Cadet Training.

Formal Library Cadet Training - I Date: August 22 2005

Veteran librarians introduced basic library procedures and practices to library cadets from various high schools in New Providence during this session. Mrs. Barbara Barton, a veteran librarian of over twenty-five (25) years and trainer of the RTLC programme gave timely advice to aspiring young library cadets on reasons for choosing careers in librarianship. An enthusiastic and passionate library advocate, Mrs. Monique Odigie, followed her. She entreated the cadets to develop unwavering qualities such as perseverance, patience and a positive attitude in their pursuit of the library and information profession.

Formal Library Cadet Training - II Date: December 10 2005

Mrs. Judith Savage, library committee co-chair and trainer led this session. National Library and Information Services in conjunction with United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) engaged the services of Mrs. Savage of Sir George Roberts Library of Harbour Island, Bahamas. She flew into the capital (Nassau) from Harbour Island to conduct the basic library practice training for the cadets. At her local library on Harbour Island, she regularly participates in training teachers' cadets, library skills and routines. In the second segment Mrs. Shree Batta conducted basic computing with hands on experience in identifying parts of the computer as a background to basic computing skills. All participants demonstrated a keen interest in both segments of the course.

Formal Library Cadet Training - III Date: January 22 2006

The training programme for the library cadets commenced with a brief introduction and welcome address by Mrs. Dorcas Bowler, project coordinator. The cadets were encouraged to access information about the history, purpose and functions of libraries, via NLIS Web site ( This training session comprised a panel of trainers and librarians including, Dr. Suresh Batta, Mrs. Shree Batta, Mrs. Cynthia McKenzie, acting chief librarian (public school libraries) and Ms. Roslyn Thompson, senior library professional and trainer, Carmichael Road Library. Ms. Thompson began the session by articulating the fundamentals of library science and the library environs and this evoked rapt attention from the library cadets. Mrs. McKenzie continued the discussion that focused on school librarianship. She involved the students by asking thought provoking questions on the information seeking process at their school libraries.

Dr. Batta and Mrs. Batta resumed the small group training in basic computing and the use of the Internet with the library cadets. The media was also present to view the training sessions. Some of the media personnel included Mr. Darrin Culmer, the Bahama Journal and Love 97 (radio), Mr. Bethel, Bahamas Information Services (BIS) and S. Poitier, ZNS radio and television stations. (See video clips).