'We Will Sell!'

The Government is strongly considering the privatization of Bahamasair to bring relief to the financially encumbered National Flag Carrier, confirmed Minister of Works Bradley Roberts in an interview Sunday afternoon.

"This is something that the previous government failed to do even though they had indicated in two of their Manifestos that they were going to move in that direction. But we say, we will be doing so," Roberts said.

"I don't know of any other way," Roberts continued. "The private sector has always been best suited to deal with airlines. The whole aviation business in the United States and in Europe is in one hell of a tailspin. Everybody just tend to look at Bahamasair in isolation," he said.

The Government is also looking to establish a new Bahamasair Board to deal with the restructuring of the airline's economic and physical deficiencies.

Bahamasair is also seeking to replace the aging 737s aircraft which were consistently having engineering problems, Mr. Roberts said.

The airline he said is in the process of acquiring an aircraft on a wet lease basis, to assist with Bahamasair's traffic approximately three to four times per week.

Mr. Roberts said that although the airline has its share of problems, similar problem exists within other international airlines.

"If you look at what has happened in the aviation business in the United States over the past ten years, it's been a period of bust and boom. Right now, they are going through a period of bust and there's likely to be more failures of airlines in the United States."

Although Bahamasair is financially encumbered, much credit should be awarded to its staff which received top marks by Skytrax, a world airline website, which rates the quality of service of international carriers.

Bahamasair received an overall three-star rating for service quality, product and air quality.

The airline received a four-star rating for Economy Class - Cabin Staff and also for Safety Procedures.

In the categories of Economy Class Seating, Economy Class Catering, Airport Services, and Economy Class, Bahamasair received three stars.


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