Abaco students get awards

On Monday November 19, Abaco Central High School held their Annual Awards Assembly for those students who were in grades 7-11 the last school year.

Rev. Carla Culmer, Methodist Minister for St. Andrews Methodist Church and Cherokee Sound Methodist Church was the guest speaker. In her brief address Rev. Culmer told the students there were three secrets to being successful. The first secret is to believe in yourself that you can be successful. She told the students to delete all negative thoughts they have about themselves and to replace them with positive thoughts. The second secret is that you can improve if you do your work and determine what is important so that you can be the best you can be. The third and final secret is to value yourself. Treat yourself with respect.

Rev. Culmer ended her talk by telling the students that when you develop these three secrets and can do all things through Christ who strengthens, then you are bound to be a success.

Awards were given out in several categories. The Principal's Award was given to students who had a 3.4 and above GPA. Those awarded were Michelle Thurston, Sharell Carey, Durrell Burrows, Lakendria Lightbourne, Yolanda Levy, Devaughn Edgecombe, Leonard Edgecombe, Karis Edgecombe and Hillary Rutter.

Honour Roll certificates were presented to students how had a 3.0 - 3.3 GPA. Those awarded certificates were Valene Lightbourne, Brad Curry, Shamika White, Dashinek Charlton, Shernetria Albury, Alexis Brown, Mario Sawyer, Samaj Dorsette, Tenika Cooper, Kristen Jones, Jude VVilner, Belina Jacobs, Larissa Dawkins Samantha Pinder, Hernet Nicholas, Antonia LaRose, Michelle Jones, Latora Burrows, Veronica Nairn, Evanya Roberts, Junita Francis, Alexander Roker, Mcquell Spencer, Roynell Ashail, and Mercile Greene.

Certificates were presented to students who had perfect attendance. They were Roberto Davis, Latora Burrows, Roderick Davis, Byron Swain, Vanessa McPhee, Tenisha Williams, Jonette Parker, O'Neal Charlton, Lakiesha Jones and Theodora Lowe.

Certificates were presented to the top students in every subject at every grade level, and best effort certificates were presented to those students who had outstanding effort.

Mr. Benjamin Stubbs, the Principal told the students that he was disappointed that so few parents were present for the ceremony and he urged students to make a greater effort in their studies. He particularly challenged the young men to b

Harvest Service

The Annual harvest service was held on Wednesday November 21, at Abaco Central High School. Pastor Bill Higgs, of Trinity Methodist Church in Nassau was the guest speaker. Pastor Higgs admonished those present to always be thankful no matter what the situation. He said in order to be truly thankful one must be humble, be full of gratitude and have a proper perspective on life. Pastor Higgs went on to say that you could be thankful and learn from every situation in life. He said the wrinkles of life or the stumbling blocks only serve to make us stronger and we need to give thanks for Iife's difficulties. He ended by again saying in everything we must give thanks.

Proceeding Pastor Higgs, The Abaco Central High School Choir sang two selections, Give Thanks, and Psalm 121. The Abaco Central Hand Bell Choir played To God Be The Glory.

Students brought in canned goods to be given to the needy and shut ins. Grade 12 BR won with 200 tins of food followed by grade 7 FR with 155 tins of food.


A concert featuring Blackchiney was held on Saturday evening the 24th November on the basketball court in Murphy Town. The concert was presented by Sound Effects and Soundboy and was in part sponsored by the Bahamas Basketball Association.

Tourists are back

With the worry of the effects of the events of September 11th and the recent plane crash many persons in Abaco had been wondering if there was going to be a dip in tourist arrivals this winter season.

The week of Thanksgiving brought many visitors to Abaco to spend the holiday. Many planes arrived full or almost full so hopefully arrivals will stay on the rise throughout the winter season.

Soapbox derby

In Hope Town the Big Hill Box Car Derby was held the first three years of its inception on Boxing Day. The last derby was in 1998. After a three year hiatus the Boxcar derby came back better than ever. The hiatus was due in part to Hurricane Floyd in 1999. The event was held on Saturday November 24 at 10 a.m. It was an open event with junior and senior divisions competing in straight and slalom courses. There was food and beverages. All proceeds will aid youth sports.

Another Thanksgiving Tradition

Over the years one of the traditions for the Saturday after Thanksgiving is to hop on the 10:30 ferry to Man-O-War to Joes Studio Annual Christmas Open House. What makes this open house so different is that it combines the food and charm of Abaco with the food and charm of New England, Massachusetts.

Maryanne Albury, Joe's wife who is from Massachusetts. Apple Cider fresh from the orchard is brought in from Massachusetts and served cold and mulled.

Add to the cider Joe's conch filled conch fritters, macaroni and cheese and scores of desserts and you have a free feast for visitors to the open house.

Going over on Saturday with my daughter who was home for college the ferry was packed full. The Open House was opened with a prayer by Mrs. C Nesbitt from Coopers Town and then persons lined up for the cider and the food. There was plenty of talking and greetings.

Inside Joes Studio persons browsed and shopped. Maryanne has a large assortment of items and many handmade Christmas decorations for the season.

With the open house at Joes Studio the Christmas season has officially started in Abaco.

Jewels, Gems and More

Jewels Gems and More operated by Todd & Drakes on Don McKay Blvd. held their Wish Day on Saturday November 24. When I arrived that afternoon after coming from Man-O-War, Drakes informed me that so far the Wish Day had been very successful. He said not only had there been plenty of persons looking but most were buying. Jewels, Gems and More has a large selection of gold and si

Need for a tennis court and racquets

A plea has gone out from the Tennis Club at Abaco Central High School for tennis racquets and also for the construction of a tennis court at the sporting complex in Murphy Town. Right now the tennis club uses the basketball court for drills. There is a great interest in the sport of tennis not only by the young people but also by adults residing in central Abaco area there are no courts for them to play on.


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