Abaco spared brunt of Michelle

Although Abaco and the cays did not receive a direct hit from Hurricane Michelle heavy rains and high winds did strike the island. The winds began early Monday morning with heavy squalls of rain.

By early Tuesday morning the winds had dies/down and at daylight Tuesday persons could survey the damage. Actually the damage was minimal. Some trees and branches were blown down, some boats sunk and some private docks suffered damage as well as persons lost some root shingles but other than that Abaco was okay.

Michelle struck down the only traffic light in Marsh Harbour and now the hanging cable at the intersection serves as the reminder of this light.

Power and cable TV was off but the phones never went down.

Students display model skills

When the second grade class of Mrs. Charmica Moss at St. Francis De Sales School began to study buildings in their community as part of the Social Studies Curriculum

Mrs Moss decided to further motivate her Students by having each student make their version of a building in Marsh Harbour.

The students were very enthusiastic about the project, and the models included Marsh harbour International Airport, Callenders, and Co Law Firm, Cherokee Air, and Pinewoods Nursery. The models were displayed in the classroom and now even some models are on display in various business places.

First batch of chickens on sale

The first batch of 100 chickens being raised by the Agricultural Science department at Abaco central High School have been slaughtered and put up for sale. Although they were due to be slaughtered within the week death came early thanks to Hurricane Michelle. The chicken coop was flooded during the hurricane necessitating the chickens' earlier demise. The chickens were cleaned by a group of volunteers both teachers and students. Mr. Roderick Strachan graciously allowed the chickens to be kept in one of his freezers. Anyone wishing to purchase a chicken can call the high school and order one. The prices are $4 and $6.

In January 2002, more baby chicks will make the chicken coop at Abaco Central High School for Six weeks.

Baseball clinic and Tourney

On Friday and Saturday the 9th and 10th of November a baseball clinic and tournament was held at the baseball diamond at S C Bootle High School in Coopers Town. Professional baseball player and Bahamian Angelo Jello Burrows put on the clinic. Lindsey Russell, MP for Eight Mile Rock was instrumental in bringing Jello to Abaco. Participating in the two-day event was junior and senior teams of Abaco Central High School, S C Bootle High School and Forest heights Academy. Also an all-star team came from Grand Bahama as well.

Originally the venue was the park in Murphy Town but as yet there are no bleachers so the venue was moved to Coopers Town.

Marine Biology Trip

Ten grade 12 students from the Marine Biology Class at Abaco central High School travelled to Nassau during the mid term break. Mr. Huel Moss Jr. their former teacher, and Ms. Catherine Knowles currently their teacher accompanied them. The Students first traveled to Atlantis, where they observed first hand the operation of the world's largest man made aquarium, including how the water is maintained and filtered and how the different specimens are caught and cared for.

The next stop was Blue Lagoon Island where the students had the opportunity to snorkel and swim with the dolphins and stingrays. Mr. Wendall Knowles the dolphin trainer at Blue Lagoon is a former student of Mr. Moss.

On Friday the students visited the US Embassy to deliver the letters written by the grade 8 English Class to the President of the United States.

That afternoon they shopped at Marathon Mall and Friday evening they attended the Fish Fry at Arawak Cay and they returned home on Saturday, 27th October.


A banquet was held on Friday evening the 2nd November at Below Decks at Abaco Beach Resort and Boat Harbour to honour retiring Civil Servants and long serving civil servants.

Master of ceremonies for the evening was senior deputy administrator Mr. Alexander Flowers. Guest Speaker was Sgt. James Moss. Awards were presented to the following civil servants. Retiring Mr. Erskine Wells, 32 years, Mrs. Adrienne Spicer, 31 years and Mr. Clifton McDonald 25 years.

Those awarded for 30 years or more of service were Mr. Everette Hart 45 years, Mrs. Barbara Reckley 46 years, Mr. Errol Ferguson 32 years, Mrs. Pearl Lewis 30 years, Mrs. Kerlene Johnson-Lundy 30 years, Mrs. Catherine Owen 30 years, Mr. Leroy Thompson 30 years, Mr. Austin Mills 35 years, Mrs. Enamae parker 32 years, Ms. Linda Russell 32 years, Ms. Elaine Lowe 30 years, Mr. Ephraim Bullards 30 years, Mrs. Anne Bootle 32 years, Mr. Sidney Wilkinson 30 years, Mr. Christopher Rahming, Mr. Jack Hardy 32 years, Mr. Charles Poitier 33 years, Ms. Eunice Mills 33 years, Ms. Louise Rose 39 years, Ms Sheila Thomas 30 years, Ms Patricia Campbell 39 years, Ms. Geneive Adderley 35 years, Mrs Estelle Pinder 33 years, Mrs Annie Greene 33 years and Mrs Doris Hall 31 years

Civil Servants honoured for 20 - 30 years were Mr. Alexander Flowers 29 years, Ms. Charlamae Fernander 20 years, Mr. Bernard Pratt 20 years, Mrs. Charlene Cote 24 years, Mr. Ivan Ferguson 22 years, Mrs. Greta Strachan-Culmer 20 years, Mrs. Carmita Roker 25 years, Mrs. Lorriane Thompson, 27 years, Mr. Charles Barton 26 years, Mrs. Martha Brown 26 years, Mrs. Anastasia Bullard 29 years, Ms. Rosamae Davis 20, Mrs. Lenora Cooper 27 years, Mrs. Melvina Munnings, Mr. Joseph Johnson 29 years, Mrs. Vera Willimas 20 years, Mrs. Eva Adderley 29 years, Mr. Huel Moss 29 years, Mr. Camaru Raheim 20 years, Mrs. Isobel Sherman 21 years, Ms. Angela Pratt 28 years, Ms.

Beatrice Moxey, 27 years, Mrs. Enza Gibson 29 years, Mr. Michael Rolle 29 years, Mr. Frank Hepburn, 29 years, Mr. Leslie Rolle 29 years, Mrs. Myrtis Russell 29 years, Ms. Felamease Sawyer 28 years, Mrs. Margaret Meeres 22 years, Mrs. Stephanie Hield 22 years, Mr. Irvin McPhee 22 years, Mrs. Jennie Strachan 22 years, Ms. Ruth Flowers 20 years, Ms. Ethlee Wilson 22 years, Ms. Jocelyn Bootle 28 years, Mrs. Diane Bain 22 years, Mr. Don Connell 23 years, Ms. Quincey Oliver 20 years, Mrs. Ruth Edgecombe 20 years, Mrs. Starlene Prenelus 20 years, Mrs. Agatha Simms 20 years, Mr. Benjamin Stubbs 26 years, Ms. Beatrice Chariton 28 years, Mrs. Eleanor Darville 29 years, Ms. Salomie Wheeler 28 years, Ms. Keva McIntosh 20 years, Mr. Charles Walker 25 years, Mrs. Shirley Krezel 27 years, Mr. Jackson McIntosh 29 years, Mrs. Susan Jofts 26 years, and Ms. Henza Dawkins 24 years.


A Cookout will be held on Saturday November 10 at Yamaha Park from noon until. The proceeds are to aid the medical expenses of Jenetta Lowe who is suffering from cancer.


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